I'm bubbling over with excitement as I welcome you to another round of glassy giggles and fused-fun in September! The first day of Fall is just around the corner! Before you welcome in the crisp evenings and joyful campfires, be sure to get your backyard Labor Day ready! 

charlene heilman garden rods jungle-2

Decking out your yard with Charlene Heilman Garden Rods is like giving your Labor Day celebration an artistic twist! As you fire up the grill and gather your friends and family for a backyard barbecue extravaganza, these whimsical rods add a touch of enchantment to the festivities.  With Charlene Heilman Garden Rods, your Labor Day celebration becomes a masterpiece of visual delights!


Looking Back - Art Shows

Thank you all for joining me on this thrilling adventure and being a part of my creative journey. Be sure to keep posted for upcoming Art Shows in November. I'll be setting up and sharing my art where I get my inspiration.... The Coast of Florida!

Have you checked out all my awesome collections lately?  The Ocean Collection will whisk you away on an underwater escapade, the Garden Collection will sprinkle a dash of wild into your greens, the Night Light Collection is basically a ticket to dreamland, and the Mayan Mask Collection... oh, you'll just have to see those bad boys for yourself! Be sure to check them all out today!

charlene heilman custom-1

Your Imagination, My Creations – Let's Collide!  Not seeing what you are looking for? Don't let your fused-glass fantasies stay trapped in your daydreams. I'm here to turn them into colorful, quirky reality. Custom designs? Heck yes! Let's join forces and make your artistic dreams come true.


Remember, life's too short for dull and boring. So, dive into the whimsical world of Charlene Heilmans Fused Glass Art, where seriousness is forbidden, and smiles are mandatory Stay glassy, stay quirky, and most importantly, stay YOU-nique!

~ Cheerfully yours ~

  Charlene Heilman