June 30

Hell Freezes Over & Char Builds A Website!


Well, to all that know me, I had such a bad experience with the first website I vowed that hell would have to freeze over first before I did this again!

That time has come... Hell has frozen over!

I am having another website built. Working with Andy of Field Guide Digital has made the whole transition over from the art show world to cyber-space feel very natural to me. You will be able to see me at anytime and not just once a year. Now, you will be able to take your time and view each piece in the comfort of your own home; Instead of standing staring at a fish packed wall full of color overload, which is fun too, but until we get through all of these crazy times just know you will always be able to find your happy here with me!

Just to mix things up a little here, I have two very dear collector/ friends, Chris and Daryl, in Albuquerque who have been collecting for several years now. I would always ask them for their fish wish list. Once we are up and running, I think this would be a fun little competition, having y'all sending me your fav fishy pics. I will choose one to add to our collection. I love a good challenge! I'm thinking that collector will receive the first prototype as their prize.

Sounds like fun to me!

I miss seeing each and everyone of you everyday! You are all my light and inspiration. Hugs & Love,



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Hell Freezes Over & Char Builds A Website!
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